A local guy finishes in 4th place

A local guy finishes in 4th place

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On the sidelines of the festivities surrounding the national holiday in Sainte-Sophie, Tuesday, Marc Laplante, a 32-year-old Sophien, finished 4th out of ten competitors, only two small points from 2nd position and a medal from money.

Mr. Laplante, since it is customary to call him 6 feet three inches and 315 pounds, has collected a total of 41 points, two less than his opponents who finished in 2nd and 3rd ranks, Simon Boudreau and Kevin Brown. If it had not been for the fourth and last stone, a 350-pound rock that he failed to lift, he could have climbed the podium.

“While the others struggled to lift more than one stone, that of 275 pounds, I also managed to lift the next two at 308 and 330 pounds,” says Marc Laplante. Due to the fatigue however and the rain which made the stones slippery, I was not able to lift the last stone which I manage however to raise in training. “Continues the strong man, adding that he enjoyed participating in this contest, especially since he was staying at his home in Sainte-Sophie.

“Usually you always have to go far. It was fun to have the event at our house, in front of my family and friends, even if there were fewer spectators than expected due to the bad weather. “

Recall that six events were on the program of this event sponsored by the strong man Hugo Girard, namely the Atlas stones, the lifting of the log, the farmer’s walk, the transport of the engine block, the lift of the car and the transport of the shield.

A passion that cannot be explained …

It is only the 2nd year that Marc Laplante participates in competitions of strong men. Last year, in his first season on the Quebec Cup circuit, he obtained excellent results, notably finishing first in his first amateur competition in his career, the Festival of strong men amateur of Saint- Adelphe, Saint-Adelforce 2013 where he won a scholarship of $ 2,500.

“I was already training for strength and watching these competitions, I said to myself that at some point I was going to try myself. I immediately liked it! “Says the man who later obtained 6th place in the Quebec championship.

When asked what attracted him to the sport, he found it difficult to pinpoint a particular factor. “It cannot be explained. It’s a passion ! “, He simply replied.

Marc Laplante will participate in many competitions during the summer of 2014. His goal is to qualify for the Canadian championships.

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