Accused of killing a dog with a machete

Accused of killing a dog with a machete

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A Saint-Hippolyte resident has just been accused of killing a neighbor’s dog with a machete.

The appearance of Daniel Mercille comes more than seven months after the events at the time, reported the Journal. The case is all the more twisted that the owner of the dog, Jocelyne Leduc, was herself accused of death threat!

According to what Mrs. Leduc had told the newspaper, her neighbor, driving her truck, had long enjoyed frightening her by grazing her when she walked with her German shepherd on the Chemin du Lac en Coeur.

On October 28, during such a maneuver, the vehicle would have hit the dog’s muzzle and the lady would then have decided to go with Daniel Mercille to confront him. It was at this point that the sixty-something man came out of his garage with a machete, shouting insults, hitting the dog with the muzzle and the back. Mrs. Leduc ensures that her German shepherd had not yet attempted to attack the man.

One night in a cell

The lady left the scene with her “dying” dog in her car and was soon intercepted by SQ police, whom another neighbor reportedly called saying that she had uttered death threats.

After a night in a cell, Jocelyne Leduc appeared at the courthouse, where she pleaded not guilty. The rest of the proceedings in his case are scheduled for September 17.

In addition, she herself had complained against the assailant of her animal, but until very recently had never known what had happened to the police investigation into this matter. It is therefore with satisfaction that she learned that Daniel Mercille must also face justice.

The 61-year-old man is accused of “having deliberately killed a dog kept for legitimate purposes” and “of having in his possession a weapon for a dangerous purpose”. He appeared on June 16 and will return to court on January 15.

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