SOS Félins will be able to sterilize “community cats”

SOS Félins will be able to sterilize “community cats”

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It could have been a garage sale like the others, on June 15 in Prévost, whose municipality dedicated a special day for the garage sales of its citizens. However, that of the SOS Félins organization raised more than $ 800.

This amount will allow SOS Félins to continue its mission to sterilize community cats, that is, stray and fearful cats that live outside.

In addition to making its sale, SOS Félins took advantage of this day to provide information to the population on its Capture-Sterilization-Return-Maintain (CSRM) program and raise awareness of the importance of sterilizing domestic and community cats.

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“Know that each gesture is greatly appreciated and that all the profits go directly to the support of the organization,” said the spokesperson for the organization, whose activities are carried out by volunteers, residents of Prévost.

SOS Félins emphasizes, however, that people currently taking care of cats living outside, on the territory of the City of Prévost, can call on the organization to sterilize these “community cats”.

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